Christal Lloyd

for Nashua, NH Ward 6 State Representative

Meet Christal

Growing up, Christal’s family instilled in her the belief that we all have something to offer our community. It’s a belief she’s carried with her to Nashua, where she purchased her first home in 2017. Since settling in Nashua, Christal has devoted herself to engaging with her community and giving back to those around her.

Christal has spent the past 16 years of her life engaged in community-based nonprofit work.

Over the course of her career, she has worked for a wide range of nonprofit organizations, including the Lowell Humane Society and the New England Organ Bank (now called New England Donor Services).

Christal’s approach to politics is informed by her work; Christal understands how to design

programs that drive real progress in our communities – and how to sustainably fund them.

After watching escalating attacks on the rights and institutions that matter most to Granite

Staters, Christal felt compelled to act. Christal’s commitment to public service and community

advocacy – not partisan politics – makes her the right choice for Nashua.

The Issues

Reproductive Health Care

Christal firmly believes that decisions regarding reproductive health care should be free from

government intervention. In the statehouse, she will support policies that expand access to safe,

evidence-based reproductive health services for all Granite Staters.


A proud product of public schools, Christal is dedicated to ensuring that every student in New

Hampshire has access to a high quality education. Christal supports a well-rounded, holistic

approach to learning; our school curriculums need to prepare the next generation of Granite

Staters to be compassionate and engaged members of our communities.


Community is created when we can show up as our authentic selves; attempts to limit the

freedoms of Granite Staters based on their gender identity or sexual orientation undermine our

core values.

Economic Empowerment

The long term well-being of the Granite State rests on our ability to attract and maintain

investment in our communities. Investments in commuter rail, affordable housing units, and

workforce development programs will ensure that New Hampshire remains a great place to live

and work.